that one time I signed up for reddit to get invitation to a super exclusive but affordable phone…

I feel like dragging Lolo Jones on Twitter is a homework assignment for Leisure Reading: Entry Level Shade.

so in the span of three or so years we've managed to lose twerk, shade, bae, turnt, and i've just been informed that YAS was tweeted by Taylor Swift. Let's not forget that white folk stay comin' for nigga. yo, like forreal, can we have anything? -_- they got 401K plans and country clubs, why can't we at least have a word??



lol you already knooow lol

Lol at the people who are reblogging my post about Theon Greyjoy and adding clinical level pyschoanalysis to it. It’s not that deep bruh

10 Essential Films For An Introduction To Caribbean Cinema

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Dream Office Aesthetic


normcore with a touch of Afrocentric flair



is rice not the best link between all poc?

the most wonderful common denominator?


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Big Sean and Naya Rivera’s relationship was a textbook pr showmance. Down the T. She was prolly dating homeboy while she was ‘with’ Big Sean.