Did they really just create their own horseman to save Katrina and when they get there to set her ass free, SHE TELLS THEM TO LEAVE HER BEHIND?!?!?!?!



Tom literally looked like he was in rigor mortis during that kiss

Katrina just noticed she is dead weight




That kiss looked like it hurt

protect michaela pratt at all costs



people are coming for her already? damn. Can we let her cook? Fandom + brown characters never seem to get along if they don’t fit a certain mold.

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Why am I watching Once Upon a Time? I clearly don’t love myself.

"I like to write. I like to choose the right word, I like to write the right sentence. It’s just like gardening or something. You put the seed into the soil at the right time, in the right place."
– Haruki Murakami - The Guardian (via ethiopienne)

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it’s interesting but also terrifying to see the ways that capitalism has shaped our language and how we talk about bodies. can you be useful? can you be a productive member of society? can you work? can you make money? that is all this comes back to. so much ableist and fat phobic rhetoric is, at its core, does your body enable you to produce capital. if not, then you are useless and don’t deserve humanity. 

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